We introduce ourselves to the viewers, customers and vendors that MEHAT GROUP is into the business for import and export over a decade, with following commodities as titled below. MEHAT group is also proud to account that we deal only with the quality product which matches the specifications of our valued customers with timely delivery. We do Outsourcing for the listed products and also market to the retail chain and hyper market and super stockiest who are pioneers in the respective field to minimize the time contributed by our client and vendors in outsourcing and marketing.

The following are the products which we are to buy and sell on the basis of requirement, both product specifically and commercially. The earth is spread out in such a way that all the required stuff for the Human Being from Food to Shelter, Water to Oil, Iron to Gold and etc. All these are available in various regions of this one world. The widely available materials are in need for all the people of all the nations. Every nation has been blessed with resources which are used by their own selves and is shared to the other nation too. In this manner the entire world buy their requirement and sell their abundant by which the entire populations of this globe are beneficial from one and the other. And in order to procure and vend the need, the trading companies contribute their part in this regard.

We the MEHAT Group are into this commerce so as to give our client and vendors a proper business economically with a continuous support.

what we do


Importing various consumer Products from the different Locations


Exporting various consumer Products from the different Locations


Peoples buy their needs based on ratings & reviews


We can sold the various consumer Products based upon their needs